The first disaster was in 1946. A crew member left the deck
hose over the side, it back syphoned andshe floundered at the
dock in San Francisco. The boat was raised from the bay and
continued to fish for the Lazio family until 1952.
The Stephanie's second major disaster was in 1952 when she
was wrecked in Crescent City Harbor on top of McLeroy rock.
The Captain of the vessel was ordered to move the vessel
during an escalating storm and was caught in rough water and
drivin over the rock.
After she was wrecked in Crescent City, she was sold to Jack
Moskovita and Earl Groat of Oregon for half the boats vale.
They had herback fishing within a week with no major damage.
The Stephanie is nearly 100 years old.  
She was one of the first vessels to
commercial drag fish in the United States.
F/V STEPHANIE Restoration Project
The F/V Stephanie was originally built in 1917
by Vittoria Ceuti at the Genoa Boat Building
Company in San Francisco and started her
career as the SF International No. 3 as part of
the International Fish Company's fleet. Her
original Fish and Game number was 61, these
numbers are now in the hundred thousands.
She came to Humboldt Bay in 1941, under the
ownership of Tom Lazio and was the first vessel
to start the famous Lazio Fish Company. Lazio
renamed the vessel Stephanie after his
In 1964, the F/V Stephanie returned to Eureka
under the ownership Karl Enberg.
Three generations of the Enberg Family have
fished the Stephanie from Humboldt Bay.

In 2002 a fire destroyed her wheel house.  The
family was in the process of rebuilding the wheel
house when the health of the owner swayed him
to sell the Stephanie's commercial fishing permits
back to the Federal Government in 2003.
Stephanie has had a long life at fishing, has had many
Captains and  Crews and has had a two major disasters......
The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum along
with Captain Cody Hills and the City of
Eureka have joined in a venture to restore
the Stephanie for future generations to come.
This restoration has been ongoing since 2011,
with major work performed in 2012 and 2013.

The City of Eureka has continued to offer a
slip at the Eureka Public Marina, the
Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum is raising
monies and materials and Captain Cody Hills
is heading up the labor aspect of the project.
Crew and Captain's alike have commented that
"she was the best riding vessel that I have ever
been aboard"