The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum is a nonprofit educational corporation
funded by contributions, admission donations, and membership.

The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum was founded in 1977. William Zerlang,
a long time collector of marine artifacts, and a group of colleagues sought to
establish a local museum to preserve the rich maritime heritage of the entire
Humboldt Bay region. Today the Museum serves members, visitors, and
researchers throughout the nation.

The Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum seeks to identify, collect, preserve and
interpret artifacts, photographs, library archives and materials relating principally
to the maritime history of California's North Coast.  We also strive to promote,
educate, and assist the public in understanding and appreciating Maritime
heritage and local culture.

We are committed to promoting, presenting, and interpreting the North Coast's
vibrant maritime heritage to the local residents and visitors through stimulating
exhibits and dynamic educational programs. On an ongoing basis, the museum
will  apply its resources to collect, document, preserve, store, study and display
artifacts, works of art and archival material, develop interpretive tours,
publications and programs of maritime interest.

From shipwrecks to shipbuilding, lighthouse to ferry launches, first explorers to
ship models. The museum holds what was left behind to share with the future.
We invite you to learn about the seafaring heritage that our area is so vastly
steeped in.  From the first ship to enter our bay to the interesting lives of
lighthouse keepers.

Include over 20,000 digitally scanned photographs, art and other paper
mediums, artifacts donated and collected over a period of 37 years. Including
but not limited to shipwreck artifacts, 4th order Fresnel lens, and small skiffs.
The museum owns two vessels, the
1910 Motor Vessel MADAKET, which has
been completely restored and is Coast Guard certified to carry 42 people.
This vessel operates May through October to further the museums vision and
mission to educate the public of our local maritime history. The second is the
Fishing Vessel Stephanie, built 1917. She has been undergoing a
complete restoration since 2012 and will be used to further the museums mission.
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