Three Tours to Choose From

Eureka Waterfront & Port
This 60 minute cruise covers the Eureka Waterfront, from the Carson Mansion to the
industrial areas of the bay. Narration’s includes the discoveries of Humboldt Bay, Wiyot
Tribe history, maritime history, ships, fishing industries, wildlife, and all points of
interest. Views of harbor seal colonies might be seen, tide permitting.
Cost: $140.00                                                             Recommended: All Grades

Coast Guard Station & Entrance Bar
This 90 minute cruise will take your class south to view Coast Guard Station Humboldt
Bay and near the entrance of the bay. Narration includes history of maritime navigation
and it’s importance to mariners, the shipping industry, true ship stories and wildlife.
Cost: $200.00
                                                         Recommended: 4th Grade & Up

Arcata Bay & Long Wharf
This 80 minute cruise ventures to Arcata Bay, to the ruins of the Arcata Long Wharf and
through the deep water channels of Humboldt Bay. Capt. Zerlang narrates the early
history of the bay, including Wiyot Tribe history and details of the Long Wharf. Talks of
the first railroad in California, transportation of the 1860’s, as well as comments on
oyster harvesting, egret rookeries, seal colonies and other wildlife.
Cost: $160.00                                                               
                                                          Recommended: 3rd Grade & Up    

   The Prices above are for grades K-12

School group cruises are available anytime from Mid April to Mid May. After May 15
until October 15,  availability is  from 9 to 11:30 am. Some exceptions will be made for
outlying schools that need a later cruise time.

A United States Coast Guard Certified Passenger Vessel in accordance with the
Federal Code of Regulations, Department of Transportation, and Coast Guard
Department of Homeland Security, fully insured and is operated by Licensed Captains
and Certified Crews.

Passenger Capacity
Total passenger capacity is 42 for school groups. This includes children and adults.

Life Jackets
Safety is our top priority:  Before your class boards, a life jacket demonstration is
conducted and preventative safety rules are discussed per coast guard regulations.
Make arrangements to arrive 15 minutes prior for this demonstration.

Life Jackets are provided for each person being carried aboard MADAKET.   45
children life jackets are located aboard. In addition to 45 children life jackets,
MADAKET also carries 44 adult life jackets.  In accordance with Coast Guard laws,
your class is not required to wear life jackets during the cruise.  Life Jackets are part of
MADAKET’s emergency equipment, however upon request, children may wear them.  
If life jackets are requested please notify crew ahead of your scheduled trip.

Required for all School Group cruises.  Cruises are confirmed once a 50% deposit has
been received. After initial reservation is made, a confirmation letter/invoice will be
sent to the school/teacher. We do accept PO's.

Are non-refundable. Rain Checks are accepted.  Should Humboldt Bay Harbor Cruise
(MADAKET Crew) cancel the scheduled cruise for whatever reason, a full refund will
be given no later than two weeks from the scheduled cruise date.

A minimum of two adults per class are required to accompany the class.

Clothing and Food
Where there is water, there is a breeze. Warm layered clothing should be worn.  You
may bring bag lunches or snacks aboard. Please no sunflower seeds, gum, or littering.

Guidelines and Rules
The following rules will be enforced by the Captain and crew before, during, and after
the cruise.  Please brief your class on them.

(1) Children must keep their feet on deck at all times.

(2) No standing on chairs, railings or stanchion's
(this means everything that is painted black).

(3) No running, jumping, pushing, shoving or yelling.

(4) No sunflower seeds or gum, however lunch may be eaten on board.

(5) No acting as if shooting wildlife or yelling at wildlife.

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